Olay Times Square Wow Eyes


Olay wanted to give loyal fans something special this summer while also integrating an updated product line. The idea was to feature Olay fans on a giant digital billboard in Times Square in New York City and to accomplish this while following social best practices, surmounting technical hurdles, and delivering flawlessly on mobile.


Stuzo designed the user flow and dataflow, and developed the front-end interface and back-end content moderation systems for the 2013 Olay campaign Wow Eyes. Loyal Olay consumers could interact with the experience on Facebook, upload a close-up shot from their computer, mobile device or from a Facebook album, and create a Wow Eye using customized templates. Users would then receive a Facebook notification alerting them to the exact time that their photo would be featured on the giant digital billboard in Times Square. If the fans made it to Times Square, they could bump into Olay street teams and upload their Wow Eyes through a mobile web tablet experience. If they couldn’t make it to Times Square that day, Olay cameras automatically snapped a keepsake photo of the billboard and sent the photo to the consumer via Facebook.


During the campaign, the Wow Eyes social experience garnered 68.5 million media impressions, including 12 million social impressions on Facebook and 3 million on Twitter. The Olya Facebook Page gained more than 35,000 new fans. In all, nearly 3,000 loyal Olay fans were made famous on the giant digital billboard in Times Square -- a brand experience they’ll never forget.