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We’re nerds - with a genius for defining, designing and delivering the most brilliant digital products for mobile, IoT and wearables.

Our secret sauce - other than the fact that we’ve been doing this since 2007 - is having a never-ending passion for rethinking the status quo. Our proven way of working has been validated by the world’s most iconic brands and agencies. And we do it all while embracing agile & lean methodologies.

Product Definition

Product Definition

Product Design

Product Design

Product Delivery

Product Delivery



Speed Wins!
We crafted a set of offerings that deliver immediate organizational impact at minimal time and money investment.

Product Ideation Workshop

The purpose of a Product Ideation Workshop is to clearly define a new digital product in a systematic manner. Stuzo's time-tested process helps organizations discover where technology can help them create a new competitive advantage through digital product innovation.

Clickable UX Prototype

The purpose of a Clickable UX Prototype is to help the product owner determine the optimal user experience and translate that experience into a clickable prototype that could be used for user testing.

Technical Discovery

The purpose of Technical Discovery is to evaluate feasibility and level of effort to build a new digital product. Stuzo's systematic approach helps organizations assess risk, make known the unknown, and set expectations for the required level of effort to build a new product.

Feature Prioritization & Alignment Workshop

The purpose of a Feature Prioritization & Alignment workshop is to ensure all stakeholders across the organization fully understand and align on the critical path, feature set, and product definitions to take a new minimally viable product to market, and to prioritize a product backlog.

Clickable UI Prototype

The purpose of a Clickable UI Prototype is to arm stakeholders with a simulation of a true product experience and professional product presentation to sell the concept to all key stakeholders.

Code & Infrastructure Audit

The purpose of a Code & Infrastructure Audit is to help organizations improve the code quality and scalability of existing digital products.



Mobile App that Increases Customer Loyalty and Drives Consumers to Swarovski Boutiques

Case Study

Master the Brand

A Digital Platform for Transforming MasterCard Employees into Brand Ambassadors.

Case Study
Master The Brand


The New Learning Platform for Developing Career and Life Skills.

Case Study

People’s Choice Awards

Cross-channel engagement platform processing hundreds of millions of transactions flawlessly.

Case Study
People choice awards
Meg platfrom


Next-Generation Cross-Screen Mobile Advertising & Marketing Technology Platform.

Case Study


The RunKeeper for rock climbers

Case Study
MyClimb App Screen

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