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Come join us as we scale our retail and commerce loyalty platform!  Stuzo is looking for a senior full-stack engineer on it’s expanding product engineering team as we build and grow our Open Commerce enterprise software-as-a-service platform.

Open Commerce is a technology suite that enables marketing professionals in the fuel & convenience industry to create real-time, hyper-personalized offers and customer interactions across a variety of channels (mobile, web, SMS, and in-person) to drive customer behavior toward a desired goal.

Our technology bridges financial payment providers, retail fuel pump technology, and customer experience by wrapping low-level standards-compliant integrations with powerful software abstractions on an ultra-modern software platform.  Our platform services and applications are built using a broad swath of technologies (Typescript, Node.js, Ruby, React, and others), interconnected via GraphQL and RabbitMQ, and run in AWS using Terraform, Helm and Kubernetes (via EKS).

Stuzo has its headquarters in center city Philadelphia, and leverages a diverse distributed product engineering and operations team across the United States and Ukraine.  Stuzo offers highly competitive compensation and benefits, as well as an engineering-friendly and product-centric culture.  On Stuzo’s Open Commerce team, we embrace a deeply collaborative software product development process where engineering, design, and product collaborate to shape and ship new functionality.

Successful candidates will enjoy Stuzo’s friendly and flexible culture, and embrace our relentless drive to excellence and goal of providing the #1 retail marketing platform in the fuel & convenience industry and beyond.



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