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We are looking for Senior Software Engineer (React) to join our team.


Open Commerce is a technology suite that enables marketing professionals in the fuel & convenience industry to create real-time, hyper-personalized offers and customer interactions across a variety of channels (mobile, web, SMS, and in-person) to drive customer behavior toward a desired goal.
Our technology bridges financial payment providers, retail fuel pump technology, and customer experience by wrapping low-level standards-compliant integrations with powerful software abstractions on an ultra-modern software platform. Our platform services and applications are
built using a broad swath of technologies (Typescript, Node.js, Ruby, React, and others), interconnected via GraphQL and RabbitMQ, and run in AWS using Terraform, Helm and Kubernetes (via EKS).
– Your primary responsibility as a Senior Software Engineer on Stuzo’s expanding product engineering team is to build and grow our Open Commerce enterprise software-as-a-service platform. On the Open Commerce team, we embrace a deeply collaborative software product development process where engineering, design, and product collaborate to shape and ship new functionality.
– Design and implement new functionality based on product objectives and requirements.
– Build front-end user interfaces backed by REST or GraphQL APIs using TypeScript on the React stack.
– Work closely with our design team to evolve and maintain our visual design system, and build user-facing interfaces that align to our design standards.
– Work with the broader product engineering team to plan and coordinate feature and functionality improvements, as well as resolve bugs and execute technical enhancements, that cross-cut large parts of our platform.
– Work to continually learn, improve technology skills, expand knowledge of the Open Commerce platform technologies, and gain increasing versatility across the breadth of our platform systems.
– Work with our infrastructure team to enable and enhance highly-available, performant, and well-instrumented applications and services that run in our customer environments at substantial scale.
– Support operations and infrastructure teams for issue resolution on relevant Open Commerce applications or services running in production environments.
– At least 5 years of demonstrable industry experience or equivalent, at least 3 of which using React.
– Familiarity with TypeScript, or similar modern strongly-typed language.
– Integrating with backend APIs, preferably using GraphQL and Apollo Client.
– Deep familiarity with web browsers as a platform, as well as markup, CSS, and the usability aspects of developing UIs for the web.
– Experience working with UI/UX design teams to create beautiful and useful applications.
– Experience with front-end state management architectures (such as Flux/Redux, Elm, or similar).
– The ability to write clean code, and the discipline to write effective automated tests to deliver high-quality system improvements.
– Experience in creating and maintaining technical documentation and UML diagrams.
– Highly independent and able to effectively self-organize and prioritize work.
– BS/MS degree in Computer Science, Engineering, or equivalent years of professional working experience.
– Strong verbal and written English skills.
– Experience with hybrid technologies, such as React Native, Ionic, PhoneGap / Cordova.
– Experience delivering native apps using App Store Connect / Google Play.
– Experience using Material UI or similar UI libraries.
– Strong understanding and familiarity with CI/CD pipelines and automated tests.
– Demonstrable ability to work in and with service-based architectures.
– Experience working in distributed teams. Familiarity with highly collaborative software development methodologies, especially Agile (SCRUM).
– Experience in the retail and/or fuel & convenience industries, specifically in the areas of retail and loyalty.
● Long-term employment;
● Competitive compensation with regular performance-based salary and career development reviews;
● 22 working days of vacation per year;
● 8 paid sick leave working days per year;
● Health insurance program;
● Flexible working hours;
● Sponsored company educational program, corporate library;
● Comfortable and cozy office or full remote;
● Funny celebrations, team outings, and company events;
● A unique and friendly environment where everyone can explore and learn new technologies.
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