An Open Commerce MPPA and Biometric Pay-at-Pump Solution

A proven implementation of Stuzo’s Open Commerce Application Server to enable biometric pay-at-pump with vein recognition hardware and Verifone’s POS site system.

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Customer Challenge

Quickly & Securely Process Payments at the Pump with Biometric Authentication

As covered by CSP, BP is in pursuit of frictionless fueling. BP engaged Stuzo to leverage our Open Commerce PCI DSS Level 1 Compliant Application Server and MPPA for rapid implementation of biometric pay-at-pump. Stuzo was given 90 days by BP to go from concept to live implementation and certification with Verifone.

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Solution at a Glance

Managed Software Services Utilized

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Aligning on Approach Through Discovery & Analysis

Stuzo first reviewed BP’s business requirements and conducted a thorough technical discovery to determine if Open Commerce would meet the needs of BP and integrate successfully with the biometric hardware supplier. Our team then implemented our Open Commerce Application Server to support the required technical architecture and transaction flows. Stuzo also provided integration support for the biometric hardware supplier.


Teaming Up to Design an Optimal User Flow

Our team collaborated with the biometric hardware supplier to deliver a proof of concept that demonstrated how a registered user could verify their identity and payment credentials by scanning their palm, and then move on to complete a fuel transaction without the use of any physical payment method in-hand.


Proving Out the Open Commerce Implementation

Open Commerce has a public API that is device agnostic, so integration is made simple across any platform. Stuzo provided API documentation and technical support for the biometric recognition device provider to smoothly integrate with Open Commerce. The experience was successfully merged with our API thanks to the level of documentation, developer-friendly nature of the platform, and constant communication during testing offered by the Stuzo team.


Stuzo's Results

Showcasing an Innovative & Personalized Fuel Buying Experience Powered by Open Commerce

Open Commerce seamlessly integrates with third party applications and enables any type of customer experience and end point. The Open Commerce Application Server enabled BP to provide a unique customer experience, where a customer could pay for fuel by simply scanning their palm. Thanks to ease of integration with Open Commerce’s GraphQL based public APIs, Open Commerce enabled this solution to be implemented by the biometric hardware supplier in only one month’s time. This powerful experience was demonstrated to more than 100 BP dealers, executives and stakeholders at BP’s annual marketing conference – the BPAMA Convention & Business Expo. Due to the unique nature and forward-thinking concept of the experience, it was included in the convention’s newest exhibit, The Innovation Center, which was the central hub and focus point of the entire convention.

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