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QuickStart for Conexxus: Advancing Standards Across Fuel Retail and Convenience

Stuzo is demonstrating its commitment to the development and implementation of standards and technological innovation in the c-store and fuel retail market through the release of QuickStart for Conexxus, an open simulator and dashboard for rapid understanding and testing of Conexxus compliant integrations to mock site systems, payment providers and processors, loyalty providers, mobile food ordering, and mobile applications.

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Business Opportunity

Provide Members With Equal Opportunity Access to Take Advantage of Conexxus Standards

While Conexxus was establishing valuable standards across the fuel retail and convenience industry, technical integration of Conexxus specifications was still an obstacle for many merchants and platform vendors.

Stuzo saw an opportunity to lower the entry barrier by offering Conexxus members a tool which would enable them to jump-start the standardization process across their mobile apps, site systems, payment processors, and loyalty hosts.

conexxus mobile app

Product at a Glance

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Technologies Used

Stuzo’s Approach

An Open Reference Architecture and Simulator for the Development and Testing of Mobile Commerce Solutions

Stuzo developed two key technology assets for the fuel and convenience store industry:

  • Open Commerce Reference Architecture: An open plugin based reference architecture for the accelerated development of mobile commerce solutions, empowering mobile transactions at the pump and in-store.
  • Stuzo QuickStart for Conexxus: A simulator and dashboard for rapid understanding and testing of Conexxus compliant integrations to mock site systems, payment providers and processors, loyalty providers, and a virtual mobile app.
conexxus mobile app

Stuzo’s Solution

conexxus mobile app

Accelerated Integration to Site Systems and Validation of Standards

Stuzo’s QuickStart for Conexxus reference architecture and implementation reduced almost 600 pages of documentation into an interactive learning tool. QuickStart features an open plugin architecture, built to allow any developer or vendor to build Conexxus compliant plugins to integrate their specific site systems. Additionally, with QuickStart, Conexxus members can have an implementation up and running in less than one day and can validate that their systems speak Conexxus within their own test environments.

Stuzo’s Results

conexxus mobile app

Enabling the Rapid Implementation of Conexxus Compliant Solutions

With Stuzo’s open reference architecture and testing simulator and dashboard, any Conexxus member, large or small, has an equal opportunity to take advantage of the Conexxus standard. Stuzo’s primary objective was to democratize access to open tools that help accelerate Conexxus’ mission and lead to a higher degree of standardization, interoperability, and acceleration across the industry.

Stuzo has contributed a valuable set of assets to the global Fuel Retail and Convenience Store industry. This innovation facilitates the adoption of our mobile commerce standards; adding value to the work of our membership.


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