A Turnkey Solution for Delivering Digital Welcome Kits for Store Branded Mastercards

Stuzo extended its self-service experience building platform, Meg, allowing the Mastercard team to easily create Digital Welcome Kit microsites. The microsites introduce new card holders to their store branded Mastercard and walk them through the activation process.


Providing Mastercard & Its Partners with Easy-to-Build Digital Welcome Kits by Delivering a Templated Solution

Mastercard was spending extensive amounts of valuable time and resources hiring agencies to build Digital Welcome Kits. Rather than reinvent the wheel each time a retail partner requested a Digital Welcome Kit, the Mastercard team decided a solution was needed to increase speed to market, realize operational efficiency, and significantly reduce the amount of investment required per microsite.

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Stuzo Involvement

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Stuzo collaborated with the Mastercard Advisors team and through our Discovery process, identified business requirements, styling needs, core components, and required functionality that would ultimately come together to make up the Digital Welcome Kit. With this, Stuzo then determined the set of necessary elements required to efficiently replicate the existing experiences, which were taking Mastercard weeks to create and required assistance from external agencies.

Application Design & Engineering

Stuzo thoughtfully designed the Meg Manager admin interface to enable administrative users to easily upload assets, drag and drop content, bran and reskin each site to fit any retailer. Stuzo’s design allows Mastercard to author a Digital Welcome Kit within the guidelines of business requirements, but with ample flexibility to cater to partners’ brand guidelines and requirements.


A Capital Efficient Microsite Builder with Incredible Speed to Market

Stuzo delivered a highly usable digital platform that reduced Digital Welcome Kit build time from four weeks to only one day, equating to a time savings of 95%! Mastercard is now able to onboard significantly more retailers in a given year without the need for external agencies, drastically reducing costs and providing Mastercard the ability to scale the service to markets outside the US.

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