A Connected Commerce Platform to Disrupt Dental Insurance

Stuzo designed and built a connected health commerce platform including mobile commerce applications and three web portals for innovative healthcare services company, Kleer.

Customer Challenge

Create a Platform that Directly Connects Dentists with Patients Under a Subscription-Based Fee-for-Service Model

Kleer identified two big issues in Dental Care. First, Patients are confused and frustrated by the lack of price transparency provided by insurance companies and/or by the Dentists that provide them service. A Patient will often choose not to go in for the Dental care they need because they are afraid of how much it will cost and neither the Dentist or their insurer will give them a straight answer.

Second, Dentists are frustrated by the amount of time and overhead cost of working with insurance companies. Often submitted claims are rejected by the payer for no apparent reason and the Dentist has no recourse to counter the rejected claim. And when claims are approved, it takes a long time for the payer to remit funds to the Dentist, often months after service was provided to the Patient. The Dentist/Patient relationship was in dire need of an overhaul.

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Solution at a Glance

Managed Software Services Utilized

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Team Size


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Stuzo’s Solution

Product Strategy

Stuzo started by holding a Feature Alignment and Stakeholder Prioritization Workshop to align all business stakeholders on the product vision. Stuzo then designed clickable wireframe prototypes and using Design Thinking methodologies both 1) conducted Patient focus groups to test product and business concepts with Patients in an intimate and collaborative setting and 2) conducted on-site Dentist interviews to test product and business concepts with Dentists.


Product Design

With Patient- and Dentist-validated product insights in hand, Stuzo and Kleer then updated the product roadmap and prioritized user-validated features. Stuzo then designed the Kleer Patient Mobile Apps and Web Portal, Dentist Web Portal, Kleer Web SuperAdmin Portal, payment flows and Stripe integration, and a HIPAA-compliant cloud-based technical product architecture.


Engineering & Delivery

Utilizing Stuzo’s Agile SDLC delivery methodology, Agile teams were organized and run by Stuzo’s SCRUM Master and led by Stuzo’s Product Manager. Front-End, Back-End, and Mobile teams were led by Architects that designed the overall product stack and enforced best practices in secure coding (ie., OWASP Top 10). Stuzo built the entire HIPAA-compliant platform, comprised of:

  • Responsive javascript web applications
  • iOS and Android apps
  • RESTful API
  • Databases
  • Build systems with automated testing
  • Payment handling and remittance system

Stuzo's Results

An Innovative Platform Primed to Disrupt How We Pay For Healthcare

Stuzo started engineering in April of 2017 and delivered Kleer’s massive connected health commerce platform MVP for a live public BETA in just seven months(!), having launched in November of 2017. Now live in market ( with the full “Version 1.0”, the product is growing fast. Kleer has a bright future and we at Stuzo are honored to be the firm that brought their platform and digital products to life.

For more on Kleer out in the marketplace, visit:

Thanks for the smooth launch. The launch went very well due to your team's hard work, dedication and long hours. I really appreciate the effort everyone put in to get us off to a fast start and look forward to working with you to make Kleer everything we all know it can be! Thanks again!


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