Stuzo Brought to Life a Frictionless Shopping Experience for Luxury Retail and Beauty

Through our Partnership with Mastercard, Oak Labs, and Teamwork, Stuzo delivered a fully functional and highly usable geo-aware mobile commerce app within a short eight-week timeline. Using the Next Big Thing Mobile App, customers are able to book private stylist consultations, experience fitting rooms of the future and easily enable express checkout to make purchases with a single tap.

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Customer Challenge

Create a Seamless Experience that Intuitively Marries the Physical and Digital Retail Store

How do you prove that the worlds of physical and digital retail can coexist in a way that, 1) is intuitive to the customer, 2) reduces friction within the shopping experience, 3) personalizes the store to the customer, and 4) sets a new precedent for what the future of retail will look like? This was the challenge given to Stuzo and its partners: to prove that technologies available today can marry the needs of the customer and the needs of retailers in a way that demonstrates the transformation of the digital retail experience is both viable and successful.

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Solution at a Glance

Managed Software Services Utilized

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Team Size


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Stuzo’s Solution

Cross-Functional Product Planning and Partner Collaboration

Stuzo uncovered Mastercard, Marie Claire, Neiman Marcus, and other partners’ business requirements using our Product Discovery process. With the business requirements identified, the Stuzo product team followed our Digital Product Innovation 3xD process to create user journeys and craft wireframes for the initial user experience (UX).


User Interface Design and Rapid Clickable Prototype

After aligning on the product’s user experience, Stuzo translated user journeys and wireframes into pixel perfect user interface screens. Through a series of cross-functional weekly meetings between the technology partners that represent specific discrete functions within the overall frictionless commerce experience ⎯ from the smart mirror, to appointment booking, to POS integration and inventory management. UI screens were designed to represent the entirety of the user journey from first interaction with the digital product through completion of the key product use cases and flows.


Engineering & Delivery

Stuzo developed native iOS and Android mobile applications, integrated Mastercard QKR and Masterpass secure wallet and payment technology, integrated APIs for the Oak Labs smart mirror and TeamWork POS and inventory management system, implemented Stuzo’s Open Commerce App Server, ran quality assurance and security scanning, and delivered the connected commerce solution in time for the launch of Marie Claire and Mastercard’s Next Big Thing pop-up store in Manhattan.

Further, to accelerate delivery on a tight timeline, Stuzo implemented continuous integration and builds with Jenkins to release product updates on a daily basis.


Stuzo’s Results

An Immersive Customer Experience Delivered in Rapid Fashion

Mastercard and Marie Claire’s Next Big Thing concept store successfully demonstrated how emerging technologies, available today, can activate a frictionless commerce and endless aisle experience for customers, effectively blending the physical and digital retail worlds with an intuitive customer experience.

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