Next-Generation Cross-Screen Mobile Advertising & Marketing Technology Platform

Stuzo worked with Meg to create a next-generation SaaS platform delivering brand advertising and performance marketing business outcomes across paid media and owned media.

Client Challenge

Rethinking Cross-Screen Ads and Mobile Marketing Experiences

Meg sought to address the gap in innovation in cross-screen advertising and marketing technology. While digital advertising and marketing as a whole have evolved tremendously over the past 20 years, the banner ad looks and feels just as bad in 2015 as it did when it was first introduced to the world in 1994. Additionally, the complexities and bifurcation in the development of cross-screen advertising and marketing experiences result in high costs, slow time to market, and loss of revenues for publishers, media companies, brands, and agencies. The Meg team engaged Stuzo in the lofty challenge to define, design, and deliver a technology platform to address the market opportunity of the gaps.

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Project at a Glance

Managed Software Services Utilized

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Team Size


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Stuzo’s Solution

Product Strategy & Design

Stuzo Strategists started by conducting primary and secondary research to understand current market gaps and predict future market trends. This led to a Product Identity Map. Picking up the baton, Product Designers went to work to design and develop prototypes for user testing and rollout of a concierge beta.


Rapid Iteration with Bleeding Edge Technologies

From React.JS for the rapid development of turnkey HTML5 cross-screen ad and marketing experiences known as Meg Apps, to a custom-built iBeacon SDK supporting Estimote and Kontakt beacons, to Angular.JS for the Meg Campaign Builder and Manager, Stuzo assembled a senior team of engineers, hacking on innovative technologies to ship meaningful code in every 2-week sprint.


Stunning Cross-Screen Experiences + Real Time Optimization

The ultimate solution is a technology platform enabling rapid design and delivery of stunning cross-screen ads and mobile marketing experiences that can be measured and optimized for performance in real time.


Stuzo’s Results

Cross-Screen Ads and Mobile Marketing Experiences that Users want to Engage With

Setting out to rethink the norm is never an easy task. In the case of Meg it took a cross-functional team of 13, working LEAN (Build, Measure, Learn), shipping hundreds of design iterations, thousands of lines of code to deliver a meaningful and innovative technology platform. More importantly than the technology, however, is the end result for businesses and users. With a little help from Meg, publishers, media companies, brands, and agencies can now deliver cross-screen ads and mobile marketing experiences that users want to engage with, in turn increasing revenues and other core business metrics. Of further importance is how industry pundits view Meg:

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The Stuzo team that built and currently manages my product is world class. I’m continually amazed at their ability to execute upon any product requirement or customer requirement we can throw at them. We are fortunate to have a group of hardworking, dedicated, skilled engineers, QA, product management, and UX experts from Stuzo on our team.


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