Master The Brand

A Digital Platform for Transforming MasterCard Employees into Brand Ambassadors

Stuzo partnered with MasterCard to define, design and deliver a new platform to help MasterCard employees master their brand.

Client Challenge


Turning Employees into Brand Ambassadors

Employees are the driving force behind any successful organization and can be a company's best brand advocates, but the challenge for a large company like MasterCard is that employees oftentimes don't know the extent of their company's products and services.

Consequently, they can't communicate the benefits of their company's offering over their competitors. MasterCard came to Stuzo with that challenge - how do we empower our employees with the knowledge they need to spread the word about the brand.

Client Challenge
Project At A Glance Project At A Glance

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Product Strategy and Design

To arm MasterCard employees with the knowledge they needed to become brand ambassadors, Stuzo designed a game-ified digital platform where employees were able to access consolidated information about the company, its products and its services. They were incentivized to engage in the platform's action framework with points and prizes.

Product Strategy and Design
Product Development

Product Development

With a core codebase of Stuzo accelerators for administration and management, Stuzo delivered a focused, mobile-optimized and responsive experience. Employees were able to easily interact with the platform by linking their social accounts, and prizes were awarded via an automated sweepstakes mechanism.

This project was a great collaboration between two great companies. I am truly impressed with the capabilities, experience and vision Stuzo brought to the project.

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