Digital Transformation to Bring PAYOMATIC Financial Services to the Underbanked Consumer via Mobile, Web, and Beyond

Stuzo partnered with PAYOMATIC to connect services offered at their physical branch locations with digital. Stuzo was engaged for product strategy, product design, product engineering (iOS, Android, Application Server, and Web), and ongoing product optimization under a digital product innovation team subscription model.

Client Challenge

PAYOMATIC Challenged Stuzo to Help Improve the Consumer Experience by Extending Physical Store Services to Digital

PAYOMATIC’s objective was to find new ways to differentiate its core product and services offerings by adding more value and convenience to its consumers while establishing a clear competitive advantage in their market. Stuzo was engaged to help PAYOMATIC focus in on the highest value opportunities to transform its consumer experience and then define, design, deliver, and maintain PAYOMATIC’s mobile apps and technical infrastructure.


Product at a Glance

Stuzo Involvement

image Product Strategy
image Product Design
image Product Engineering

Team Involvement


Team Size


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Technologies Used

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Stuzo’s Solution

Product Strategy

Stuzo’s employed its proprietary Product Strategy process inclusive of Ethnographic Research, Stakeholder Alignment, Targeted Business Outcome Definition, and Technical Discovery to produce a Product Strategy and MVP Product Roadmap for PAYOMATIC.

Conducting primary ethnographic research, Stuzo visited PAYOMATIC store locations, spoke with managers, CSRs, and directly with PAYOMATIC consumers to understand the existing consumer experience and discover opportunities for optimization via digital.

Stuzo then conducted its proprietary Feature Prioritization and Stakeholder Alignment Workshop with PAYOMATIC executive management.

Stuzo worked with PAYOMATIC’s business stakeholders to define targeted business outcomes and following, through Stuzo’s synthesis process, Stuzo presented PAYOMTIC with a Product Strategy.

Stuzo then took the Product Strategy into a series of discovery exercises which led to an understanding of technical feasibility with existing PAYOMATIC vendor systems and internal business systems. Through Stuzo’s synthesis process, a plan for an MVP roadmap was produced.

Product Design

With an MVP product roadmap in hand, Stuzo shifted into consumer experience design, inclusive of user experience and user interface design. Stuzo produced User Personas and User Stories based on those personas, wireframes, high fidelity user interface designs, and clickable UI prototypes to bring the entirety of the user experience to life.

Product Engineering

Stuzo architected a new digital services platform, powered at the core by a universal application server and middleware/API to power all application services and integrate with PAYOMATIC’s existing technology vendors and internal business systems. Stuzo’s product engineering efforts included:

  • Full Stack Product Mobile and App Server Architecture
  • Hosting Environment Architecture and Configuration
  • React Mobile Application Development (iOS and Android)
  • Application Server Development (Node/GraphQL)
  • 3rd Party and POM Internal Systems Integrations (Node & SOAP)
  • Full Stack Web Engineering
  • Automated QA Engineering (
  • Build Systems Engineering (Jenkins)

Stuzo’s Results

Accelerated Go-to-Market with Dedicated Team Subscription and Agile Methodology

Stuzo assigned PAYOMATIC a dedicated product team, inclusive of product strategists, designers, architects, engineers, QA personnel, devops engineers and more to operate under Agile product management methodology. Operating side-by-side with PAYOMATIC product leadership and business stakeholders, Stuzo delivered PAYOMATIC’s digital services infrastructure and react native iOS and Android mobile apps and launched the MVP in market in September of 2018.


I continue to get positive feedback from our chief product officer regarding our interactions with Stuzo. They have a structured approach to helping us organize and reach goals. I have a background in software development and believe that Stuzo’s process is as good as we will ever find.


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