Cross-channel engagement platform processing hundreds of millions of transactions flawlessly.

People’s Choice Awards and Stuzo partnered together to bring the voting experience across mobile, web and social for the 2015 Awards together into a unified and integrated experience.


People’s Choice Awards
Cross-Channel Voting

The People’s Choice Awards digital team is tasked with engaging fans across iOS, Android, Web and social and needed a single system to collect hundreds of millions of votes across those platforms while taking less of their valuable time to manage.

Project At A

Stuzo Involvement

Product Definition
Product Design
Product Delivery

Team Involvement

9 Team Size
290 Hours saved by using Stuzo Accelerators
2,132 Hours spent on the product
700+ Millions Votes Cast

Technologies used


A Platform Enabling Seamless
Engagement & Content
Management Across Channels

Stuzo defined, designed and delivered a platform to power People’s Choice Awards voting experiences for iOS, Android, and the social web.

The platform empowered People’s Choice staff to manage, measure, and optimize all applications from a single interface, in real time.

Responsive Web & Native iOS and Android Development

Stuzo used Adobe’s PhoneGap framework to quickly and efficiently build Android and iOS apps using the same codebase as the responsive web app on built as a single page AngularJS app.

Stability, Speed,

Stuzo architected a high performance, redundant AWS cloud server infrastructure to handle millions of users and votes.

To ensure 100% uptime and an optimal experience at all times, Stuzo employed automated scaling and distributed the load across four AWS regions. The infrastructure included four load balancers, 10 web servers (c3.xlarge), 4 RDS instances (xlarge instance types), a Redis server and a CDN to serve static assets.


A Scalable and Usable Digital Product Across Mobile, Web & Social

Every year since 2011, Stuzo has worked with the People’s Choice Awards to enable fans to cast hundreds of millions of votes within the technical infrastructure we architected and the interfaces we designed.

For the 2015 Awards, we built out the back-end infrastructure to capture and count millions of votes every day, unified voting apps for iOS, Android, mobile Web and desktop Web; and a custom CMS to power the Web and mobile apps.

Stuzo has been a valuable partner, helping to significantly amplify the People’s Choice brand through their well designed, personalized consumer experience, resulting in unprecedented voting numbers and overall engagement.