The New Learning Platform for Developing Career and Life Skills

Stuzo worked with Roadmap to create a Learning & Training Platform consisting of a Course Creation and Management Portal and Cross-Screen Learning Apps, all built around a habit forming “Know. Plan. Act.” Learning Method.

Client Challenge


Turning Raw Course Material into an Interactive Learning Platform

Roadmap had a vision to prepare workforce-bound students for career success. The founding team approached Stuzo with 67 pages of raw course content that they wanted to transform into a business powered by an interactive learning platform.

Client Challenge
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Transforming Course Content into a Learning Experience that Builds Life Long Habits

The first step was to design the interactive learning experience around the countless pages of content that the Roadmap team had. Stuzo Product Strategists and Product Designers deployed learnings from the “Power of Habit” and “Hooked”, How to Build Habit forming Products to create a UX framework and course content hierarchy that results in habit forming learning loops. We then turned the frameworks into clickable prototypes used in user testing, and after several iterative cycles emerged with an interactive learning experience that builds life long habits.

Solution First
Learning App

Highly Useful and Usable Cross-Screen Learning App

Stuzo engineers leveraged the full MEAN (MongoDB, ExpressJS, AngularJS, NodeJS) stack to build a Cross-Screen Learning App around the habit forming “Know. Plan. Act.” Learning Method. With responsive interactive features such as, quizzes, polls, videos, forms, document creation, guides, skill points, and progress meters, the Learning App empowers learners to learn on any device at their pace, providing a personalized experience and encouragement throughout the process.

An Elegantly Visual and Powerful Course Creation & Management Portal

How do you make non technical course creators and course administrators happy? By designing and building a visual Course Creation & Management Portal that makes digital course creation quick and simple, and empowers course administrators to manage and measure course progress and user engagement.

Managment Portal
Stuzo's Results


An Extensible Interactive Learning & Training Platform Ready for Primetime

After thousands of hours of iterative work, Roadmap now has at its disposal an Extensible Learning & Training Platform designed and built around the “Know. Plan. Act” Learning Method delivering interactive career and life skills courses that build life long habits. Below is the result through the lens of learners and college administrators:

I loved the Steps to Independence lessons. My college has a really good career services, but there isn't enough about starting life right after graduation.

Charlotte Snow DARTMOUTH ‘15

Roadmap has such a good feel to it and is so user friendly and easy to digest. Content in the readiness section around personal development is fantastic.


It is smooth, and even very usable on the phone. I hadn’t checked that out before and was pleased.


I'd just like to take a moment to thank you for your work on the Roadmap project. Today's demo is a great reflection of the thought and effort put in by both sides to define the components and the hierarchy of the product; Stuzo did a wonderful job not only guiding us, but also helping me to get these pieces defined and explained, so you could create such a clearly structured and well designed product.

In the past, one of the huge frustrations I had in working with IBM's product, was the lack of usability in the admin interface design, lack of testing or bug resolution before a release, and the data that would be lost during upgrades, etc. At times it was absolutely embarrassing to work with clients to help them overcome the difficulties of the product. While no doubt we will find bugs as we work, I do appreciate the process for testing and release described today, as well as the backup plans for data loss.

Today was a pleasure. Thank you!

Alyce Eisler


You have truly been a tremendous business partner to us through this process, and we promise not to let anyone down and we will the crowd!

Tish Squillaro


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