Partnering with Swarovski to Design and Build a Mobile Digital Rewards Platform for Driving Customer Loyalty

A suite of branded apps for iOS, Apple Watch, and Android

Customer Challenge

A Mobile Platform to Increase Customer Loyalty and Drive Customers to Swarovski Boutiques

Swarovski wanted to increase the staying power of their physical printed-card based loyalty through a new mobile app and wearables platform that would increase loyalty and elevate the brand’s connection with its customers.

This digital transformation initiative was designed to drive customers to convert their physical loyalty cards to an all-digital program and to entice net new customers to adopt the digital-first loyalty program.

The ultimate business objective was to use new technology to drive customers into North American retail stores for personalized sales experiences.

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Solution at a Glance

Managed Software Services Utilized

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Stuzo’s Solution

Product Strategy and Design

After guiding Swarovski brand stakeholders on best practices from a mobile app UX perspective, a beautiful, interactive application was conceived and new customer experiences were identified, which would surprise and delight customers with gifts and take customers through a four-stage “Sparkling Rewards” program.

Product strategy included identification of metrics and KPIs which would be measured to gauge the efficacy of the program. Events and rules were built into the mobile applications for custom tracking and reporting. Data was designed to be further integrated and merged with CRM to provide full visibility into the shopping journey.


Mobile Application Development for iOS, Apple Watch and Android

Built with security and speed at their core, the iOS, Apple Watch, and Android apps are written in native Objective-C, Swift and Java technologies. Stuzo integrated the apps with Swarovski’s in-store POS system, Swarovski’s cloud-based CRM, geolocation services for store check-ins, and used advanced image manipulation techniques so users could generate customized “Sparklism” cards.


Stuzo's Results

Immediate Revenue Lift and Return on Investment

Swarovski’s mobile loyalty program saw immediate adoption from its customer base and rapid conversion of new digital loyalty program users. By the end of the first year in-market with the digital program, Swarovski’s mobile applications were directly attributed with a lift of revenue in the millions and app users spent a whopping 350% more than regular Swarovski customers.

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Our partnership with Stuzo over the last half year has been a productive pleasure. I use the term ‘partner’ intentionally because they have been in the trenches with us all along, rolling with the punches and always doing what is best for the big idea instead of what best serves them. Organized, professional, on-timelines, on budget, and willing to go above and beyond, I highly recommend partnering with Stuzo.

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