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In case you missed it, Stuzo’s VP Sales & Business Development, Mark Budreski, alongside one of Stuzo’s payments partners, Jed Rice, Global Head – Retail Innovation, PayPal and Quaseer Mujawar, Sr. Product Manager, Alexa Automotive, Amazon, were invited by Winsight Media’s Customer Engagement Forum to join a panel discussion, moderated by Jackson Lewis, Technology Editor at CSP Magazine.

During the panel discussion, Convenience and Fuel Retail operators fired a number of great questions at the panel. A few of these questions, including summary responses from the panelists, included below:  

In addition to the panel’s valuable insights, during a different session, a marketing executive from Convenience and Fuel Retailer Thorntons provided an exclusive look into the success of Thorntons Refreshing Rewards mobile app and loyalty program.

“42% of all our transactions are rewards transactions,” said Thorntons’ executive. “We are very happy with this. The sky is the limit and we’d like to increase [this], but this has been very successful.”

Thorntons went on to share: “Look into the total cost of your loyalty program. You need your team to look at what it will realistically cost based on redemption numbers and you need to be able to justify the costs to your CFO. Also, come up with offer sets that you’ll keep around a long time. You don’t want to introduce something that you can’t keep as the customers will get upset when you take away something they love. Be deliberate when you come up with your offer sets.”

(Followed by applause and many words of congratulations on Thorntons success from the audience.)

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