X-Men Facebook | Stuzo InsightsAs the temperature rises across the country movie fans are getting settled in their theater seats to watch this year’s summer blockbusters. While in the past movie trailers and a few commercials would get fans out to see a blockbuster, it is important now for films to create a social experience for movie evangelists. A film that does a great job at providing content to fans is X-Men: First Class.

Within the X-Men Facebook Page users are able to learn a great deal about the upcoming prequel by viewing the film’s trailers directly in a tab using YouTube integration. While finding a movie trailer on the internet is not the most daunting of tasks it is important to offer the trailers in this social setting because the film can encourage users to share this content in a way that will bring additional users to the Facebook Page and grow a community of evangelists. Additionally, due to the fact that this film is a prequel to films released in prior years and touches on a time that the casual X-Men fan may not be familiar with, providing as much background as possible without giving away the story is extremely important. X-Men also does an excellent job at providing this background information by showcasing the main characters and their bios with each having a Facebook share element. This will allow true evangelists of the series to share this content and identify themselves as a fan of a specific character.

At the end of the day people will almost always go out to see a summer blockbuster with millions of dollars in special effects, but to actually build a brand and build a social community a film has to give something more to keep fans interested.