This is a weekly Friday installment from Stuzo documenting consumer engagement tips and tricks, both for day-to-day community management and for large-scale custom engagements. Hopefully this post will spark an idea for your brand or client, and if it does, be sure to let us know in the comments.

Most top brands operate in many regions and countries, and their users speak many different languages. Often, when this is the case, brands will have different Facebook Pages for different countries or languages; this way, wall posts will be very relevant to the audience. Other brands may elect to have a single global Page and either publish multiple versions of a wall post in various languages, or try to fit multiple versions of a wall post into one update. Neither solution is ideal. In the first, you splinter your total social footprint, and, as a result, you splinter the community. In the second, your wall posts may not be relevant to a large percentage of your fans (and will become noise), or you may be watering down your message by attempting to create multilingual posts with only 420 characters, the limit for wall posts.

Towards the end of last year, Facebook unveiled a major feature for Brand Pages: geo-targeted publishing. This allows Community Managers to compose a wall post in English, and post it only to fans with their language setting on English (US). Or compose a post in Spanish, and post it only to users who have their language setting on Spanish (Spain). This creates a best-of-both-worlds scenario for brands and Community Managers.

Two brands that have been doing an exceptional job geo-targeting are Garage and Dynamite, which are – by no coincidence – both part of the Canadian apparel company Groupe Dynamite. Because both brands operate across Canada, they are aware that some users will be visiting their Facebook Page from Quebec, and therefore, be French-speakers. When the Dynamite fan’s language is set to English, they are met with this wall content:

Dynamite English | Stuzo

However, when the user’s language setting is French (Canada), the Dynamite fan is met with French wall content:

Dynamite French | Stuzo

In this way, Dynamite keeps it’s messages clean and to the point, without the clutter of multilingual posts, or the redundancy of dual wall posts in English and French. Language isn’t the only way to target posts; the other option is to target based on Location. However, from a user-perspective, it makes more sense to stick to targeting by Language because, even though I’m in Toronto, if my language is set to French (Canadian), I’m still going to want to see French content.

Community Managers can publish geo-targeted posts in two ways: either through a Platform publisher, or manually within the native Facebook interface. For the latter, simply enter your wall post into to the publishing field and follow these four steps:

1) Change Everyone to “Customize”
Geo-targeting Facebook Post Step 1

2) Type Targeted Language
Geo-targeting Facebook Post Step 2

3) Select Targeted Language and Click “Okay”

Geo-targeting Facebook Post Step 4

4) Enter Post Content and Click “Share”
Geo-targeting Facebook Post Step 4