This is a weekly Friday installment from Stuzo documenting consumer engagement tips and tricks, both for day-to-day community management and for large-scale custom engagements. Hopefully this post will spark an idea for your brand or client, and if it does, be sure to let us know in the comments.

For any brand that launches a program within the social space it is important to minimize the barrier-to-entry while asking the user to take steps that are necessary for the brand to determine success for the program.  In order to receive this ask from the user you need to lead them down an Action Funnel to receive their “carrot” at the end.

Regardless of the media driver that delivers a user to your application, they have now entered your Action Funnel, and by showcasing the program above the fold the user can see the value of engaging. By providing this information in a clear manner, the user will be compelled to take the next step in the funnel interacting with the call-to-action. If the asks are not clear enough or are not in the proper order, users will fall out of the Action Funnel, thus jeopardizing the program’s ROI.

For Dentyne and Dentyne Canada, their objectives are to gain more “Likes” for their Facebook Pages by requiring users to “Like” them in order to engage with the applications.  They are able to do this because they present the user with a creative landing that explains the program and instructs them to “Like” Dentyne.

Dentyne Kissing Debate | Stuzo

Tips on The Ask:

  • Allow users to invest their time in the “fun” portion of the program before asking of them.
  • When building a social CRM only ask users for the most important information to the brand.
  • Include a “Like” button on the registration for users who do not already “Like” the page.
  • After the user has completed all the necessary tasks to participate in the program show them a thank you view with no more than two share options so they can share what they have done and drive more earned media to the program.

By presenting a program in this manner the brand will be about to meet their overall marketing goals while not being too brand-centric. Of course… you also need a compelling program.