Stuzo’s Open Commerce Platform Enabled for In-Car Payments

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Stuzo has invested in preparing its Open Commerce Platform with the required integrations and capabilities for in-car pay-at-pump experiences via voice and infotainment system platforms.

“We’ve received strong interest from our Convenience and Fuel Retail customers, which by summer 2019 will represent over 13,000 US retail site connections, and our industry technology partners in payment processing, fleet, loyalty, and offers, to extend our Open Commerce payment technologies into the car on an accelerated timeline,” said Gunter Pfau, CEO, Stuzo.

~Alexa, put $20 on pump 1.~

“Amazon’s Alexa Automotive division including its Echo Auto, with an impressive million-plus pre-orders1, is joining the automotive world alongside the likes of Google’s Android Auto to enable touch-free experiences in the car,” said Scott Wasserman, CTO, Stuzo. “Payments at the gas pump are a natural fit for voice-enabled capabilities from Amazon, Google, OEMs, and other platforms. Given the interest from our customers and partners and the rapid commercialization of CX options in the car, we’ve invested significantly to accelerate delivery of our Open Commerce Platform capabilities with production-ready support for voice and infotainment pay-at-pump experiences.”

Open Commerce’s Mobile Payment Processing Application (MPPA) module has undergone exhaustive testing with all industry-leading POS systems for in-car payments via voice and infotainment system interfaces.

To schedule an Open Commerce Platform Auto Capabilities Demo, contact us at

1 According to TechCrunch – After over a million pre-orders, Amazon’s Echo Auto has begun to ship

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