Our Solutions are Partner Agnostic

Stuzo works with industry-leading partners across payment processors, merchant services banks, app hosts, mobile wallets, service providers, and site systems.

Payment Processors

Partners we integrate with for processing mobile payments

MPPA Providers

Mobile cloud providers which our mobile apps and middleware integrates with

Mobile Wallets

Stored payment method partners we have integrated into our mobile apps


Merchant services banks we have integrations with

Private Label Cards

Private label credit and debit card providers we have integrations with

Loyalty & Rewards

Loyalty are reward host providers we have integrations with

Point-of-Sale Providers

POS and site system providers we have integrations with

Food Ordering Systems

Food ordering system providers we have integrations with

Stuzo Quickstart for Conexxus



Conexxus is a non-profit, member-driven technology organization dedicated to the development and implementation of standards, technologies innovation and advocacy for the convenience store and petroleum market. Stuzo is a member of Conexxus’ mobile advisory board and our strategic alliance has led to the creation of Stuzo’s QuickStart for Conexxus, which includes a Testing Simulator and Dashboard, and an Open Commerce Reference Architecture

Car Partner

General Motors

As an early partner with GM, building on top of GM’s new connected car SDK (NGI), Stuzo transformed its mobile app technology accelerator into GM’s car application user interface and connected the car application through Stuzo’s MPPA to our test site system lab (POS and fuel pump). The result? Everything worked like a charm. Watch the video below to see a car infotainment screen turn on a gas pump.


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