Open Commerce Enterprise Technology

The Open Commerce™ Platform is comprised of the following PCI-DSS Level 1 Compliant foundational technology.

Foundational Technology

Open Commerce’s foundational technology combines a set of core components that together, have the power to free up the flow data across your systems, orchestrate transactions across multiple 3rd party digital services providers, automate and optimize workflows, and package your mission-critical digital services as reusable API-based services. Transform your retail organization into an extensible, secure, scalable digital platform with Open Commerce.

Application Server

Open Commerce Application Server is a PCI DSS Level 1 Certified Compliant middleware solution that securely unifies and exposes best-in-class Digital Services (i.e., your POS provider(s), site systems, loyalty and coupon platforms, payment processors, payment types, private label credit and debit card providers, identity and fraud management, etc.) into a singular Experience API, orchestrated through the Open Commerce CSB and API Gateway.

Open Commerce Application Server empowers your organization and your vendors to rapidly and efficiently deliver connected commerce applications across digital channels (i.e., mobile, web, kiosk, wearables, IoT, connected car, augmented reality, conversational UI, etc.).


Commerce Service Bus

The Open Commerce CSB is at the core of how all services communicate. Unlike an off-the-shelf Service Bus, the Open Commerce CSB was purpose-built to the specific and unique payment, loyalty, offers, order-ahead, self-checkout, and frictionless commerce transaction flows of your retail environment with Conexxus, IFSF, and other global standards at the core.

The CSB, with bidirectional pub/sub communications, becomes central and critical in empowering your retail organization to continue innovating rapidly in digital and big data, collect analytics across your vendor services, deliver real-time insights to the business, to keep pace with the evolving demands and preferences of the consumer, and to defend and grow your market share.



Open Commerce Microservices encapsulate core business functionality into easily accessible and scalable units providing increased agility, greater flexibility, faster time to market, faster enhancements, and greater reuse.

Paired with the CSB in a hybrid architecture, microservices benefit from being able to publish and/or subscribe to events from the CSB while also having a well defined API for direct access from other services.

This modern hybrid architecture combines the best parts of microservices and services buses, creating a more flexible and agile platform by enabling implementation teams to determine the best method of communication between services for a given use case.


API Gateway

The Open Commerce API Gateway is a fully managed service of the Open Commerce Application Server that enables Open Commerce to create, publish, maintain, monitor, and secure APIs at scale. The API Gateway manages and governs all integration points necessary to orchestrate your omnichannel digital commerce platform and in doing so, provides for access to value-added capabilities, such as quality of service monitoring and failover redundancy for all integration points.

The API Gateway handles all the tasks involved in accepting and processing any number of concurrent API calls, including management of all the transaction traffic across the gateway, and for managing authorization and access control, monitoring, and API versioning.


Bus-to-Bus Enterprise Interoperability

If you currently have or plan to employ an AMQP-compliant Service Bus, you'll be ready for plug and play capabilities between the Open Commerce CSB and any other internal or external AMQP-compliant Service Bus.



Open Commerce’s capabilities for normalization of data from Convenience and Fuel Retail industry-specific integrations across payments, loyalty, offers, CRM, and more provides for a consistent integration across disparate technologies, vendors, back-ends, and data models.

The Open Commerce ETL will enable your enterprise to more easily analyze and correlate data from disparate endpoints. The ETL unlocks holistic insights and business value that would otherwise be siloed in point solutions.


API Management

Open Commerce API Management enables quality of service and monitoring across service provider integrations and enterprise infrastructure integrations.

The API Management service supports SLA enforcement and real-time triage capabilities.


Command Center

Open Commerce Command Center is a web-based portal that centralizes and operationalizes the key functions and data of Digital Services from multiple vendors into one interface with dashboards and workflows (i.e. quality of service, automated monitoring and alerting, store setup and performance, loyalty and offer creation, fraud prevent rules, etc.) that empower you to in real-time monitor, manage, and optimize mission-critical programs powered by multiple third-party services and site systems.


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