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Clients aren’t guinea pigs. That’s why we experiment on ourselves before doing paid work for our clients.  It’s the responsible way to do business.
That’s how we define, design, and deliver innovative and meaningful digital products for our clients with great efficiency.

Technology moves at breakneck speeds, and the only way to keep pace with it is to have a continuous commitment to research & development. It’s a commitment that we made here at Stuzo when we were founded in 2007.

Big Audacious Ideas

Big Audacious Ideas

We dedicate a set number of company resources to research & development of digital products that have the potential to disrupt or transform industry. In this capacity, we stand up a cross-functional team, of the brightest and best talent in the world, that has a set amount of funding and time to stand up a meaningful digital product.

We understand that this team will produce one of three outcomes:
  1. Find product market fit with a product that is symbiotic to the core business of the company
  2. Fail to find significant product market fit within the allotted time and funding constraints
  3. Find product market fit outside of the core business of the company.

And we have built in learning loops to ensure that our dedicated services team learns from every aspect of our R&D efforts.  Take a look at what we're currently working on.

Stuzo QuickStart for Conexxus

for Conexxus

Conexxus is a non-profit, member-driven technology organization dedicated to the development and implementation of standards, technologies innovation and advocacy for the convenience store and petroleum market.

Stuzo is a member of Conexxus’ mobile advisory board and our strategic alliance has led to the creation of Stuzo’s QuickStart for Conexxus, which includes a Testing Simulator and Dashboard, and an Open Commerce Reference Architecture

Meet Meg


Next-Generation Cross-Screen Mobile Advertising & Marketing Technology Platform

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Meg platfrom
Nerd day hacks

Nerd Day Hacks

Several times a year, we shut down Stuzo for two days of purposeful hacking. The purpose of Nerd Day is to allow teams and individuals focused time to innovate. Our goal is for our team to create and learn something new that drives our clients and our business forward. Some of the innovations are focused around improvements on how we deliver, while others turn into big audacious ideas.

Everything we build for our clients is based on something we experimented with earlier on. And we treat our R&D projects as if they were clients to learn and improve both from a product perspective and a services delivery perspective.

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