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Stuzo CEO, Gunter Pfau and CTO, Scott Wasserman, attended Verifone Client Forum and provided live demos of its soon-to-be-released Open Commerce Application Server and Command Center.

Open Commerce Application Server is a single point-of-interface which securely exposes services to connected commerce applications (ie., mobile apps, web apps, wearables, IoT, connected car apps, conversational UI apps, etc.). In Fuel Retail & Convenience, the architecture facilitates system-to-system communications between the Open Commerce Application Server and industry-leading MPPAs, such as PayPal’s Paydiant, FirstData’s uCom, and P97’s PetroZone. In QSR and other retail verticals, the APIs facilitate system-to-system communications between the Open Commerce App Server, POS systems, and other site systems specific to those industry verticals. Where applicable, Open Commerce APIs are built to industry standards and specifications (such as Conexxus for Fuel Retail & Convenience). Open Commerce Application Server helps retailers accelerate delivery of scalable connected commerce applications without disrupting the current flow of business.

Open Commerce Command Center is web-based portal which helps retailers operationalize and support their connected commerce solutions and includes 1) dashboards and workflows that provide access to customer and transaction data and management of mobile commerce application content, 2) location management for store location data that is utilized by any Open Commerce application, and 3) quality of service monitoring which provides real-time visibility into the status and availability of Open Commerce services and site services (such as site controllers, site servers, and POS devices). Open Commerce Portal helps retailers manage their business in real-time and optimize the performance of their personalized and predictive commerce applications.

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