Stuzo Helps Quick Service, Casual Dining, and Chain Restaurants Bring Revenue-Generating Connected Commerce Experiences to Market

Stuzo created a set of connected commerce solutions and technology accelerators that digitize the restaurant experience while decreasing up front CapEx costs and increasing speed to market

Digitizing the
Customer Experience

Stuzo’s Connected App Assets combined with integrations with best-in-class partners, activate a customer demographic that spends disproportionately more and shops more frequently than other consumer segments. Experience offerings include:

Mobile Payments

Deliver a seamless mobile customer experience for order ahead, order in-restaurant, gift cards, and check settlement that will result in increased visits, purchases, and revenues.

Mobile Loyalty

Integrate loyalty experiences that increase customer visit frequency and average check value per visit for order ahead and dine-in.

Mobile Ordering

Empower customers with a more convenient and intuitive order ahead and dine-in food ordering experience.


Identify customer transaction opportunities where the order size can be increased with a location-specific offer, delivered at time of order.

Employee Training

Activate front line employees through communications and training, real time actions, activity tracking and motivation tools to build employee habits that increase employee productivity and work satisfaction.

Open Commerce for
Restaurant & QSR

Stuzo’s connected commerce solutions are focused in three areas: mobile commerce experiences that enable payments, loyalty, and location-specific offers, middleware between mobile and enterprise systems, and a secure Open Commerce Platform with enterprise management and control.

As a systems integrator and connected commerce solution provider, we combine our mobile technology accelerators with industry leading mobile payment clouds, mobile wallets, POS providers, loyalty providers, payment processors, and more. See the partnerships and integrations which enable Stuzo’s mobile commerce experiences.

Open Commerce App Foundations

Mobile Payments

Loyalty & Site Promotions

Mobile Ordering & Checkout

Mobile Employee Training

Connected App Assets

Open Commerce App Server

Mobile Commerce App Server

Connections & Integrations

Mobile Commerce Cloud Plugin

Open Commerce Gateway / Mobile Payment Cloud

POS Gateaway

Payment Tenders

Dashboards & Workflows

Site & System Monitoring

Loyalty Host

Data Bridge


Stuzo’s mobile payments solution provides a seamless customer experience for ordering and check payment that will result in increased visits and incremental purchases.

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Mobile Payments

Mobile Loyalty & Promotions

Stuzo’s mobile loyalty solution integrates the preferred loyalty host and/or personalize marketing offers platform to drive business value through incentivising and rewarding customers for profitable habits.

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Mobile Loyalty & Promotions

Sensory Cues

Stuzo’s real-time data engine and sensory cues, leveraging Stuzo’s Open Data Bridge Plugin, or a partner’s Mobile Commerce Cloud and APIs, create motivational cues that reward customers for behaviors that create the most value for the restaurant operator.

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Stuzo’s Mobile Ordering solution empowers customers with a more convenient ordering experience, enabling order ahead, staged orders for easy pickup, or ordering for dine-in.

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Mobile Ordering


Provide corporate controlled training to restaurant operators and staff. Increase the success of the rollout and ongoing management of a mobile program. With real-time alerts, activity tracking, motivation tools, and employee competitions, productivity is increased and work satisfaction is improved.

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Employee Engagement

App Assets

Stuzo’s Connected Application Assets consist of a set of prebuilt, market-tested application components for iOS, Android, Connected Car, and Wearables, integrated with a set of pre-designed UX flows and UI components utilizing Apple Human Interface Guidelines and Google UX best practices in order to deliver mobile commerce experiences that are pre-optimized for performance, ease of use, and a great customer experience.

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Connected App Assets


Take your brand and mobile commerce solution into car infotainment systems, delivering added convenience and enhancing the in-car experience for customers.


Whether you know what you want or have an idea of what you might need, we’ll help you define, design and deliver a brilliant digital product for mobile, IoT or wearables.