New Features. A Growing Community. 3 years. Much to Celebrate.

On Friday, December 15, 2017, celebrating its 3rd year in the app store and its 4th year since the company’s inception and engagement with Stuzo, MyClimb and Stuzo launched MyClimb v3.0. This huge iOS and Android app update includes all-new features that add even more value and utility to an already impressive app.

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“We’re excited about the release of MyClimb v3.0!” said MyClimb’s Founder, Bill Brooks. “Fun climbing challenges and competitions are a good way to bring the climbing community together.”

We sat down with MyClimb’s Technical Project Manager at Stuzo, Marck Goldstein, to find out more about all the tremendous work that went into the release of MyClimb v3.0.

Marck, what are the main new features being released in v3.0?

In addition to some optimization work to make MyClimb faster and more intuitive, we’ve release two big new features: Challenges and Workouts.

  • Challenges
    • Climbers can participate in fun climbing challenges with the entire climbing community. They can track their progress to completing challenges, earn awards, and compete against other climbers.
    • Gym Owners can also customize challenges for their own climbers and keep their climbers engaged and coming back to their gym to complete the challenges.

  • Workouts
    • Workouts is a feature that lets climbers of all skill levels initiate and track intense pre-designed climbing workouts. It includes a brand new timing feature that helps climbers track their progress and improve as a climber.
    • Gym Owners can also make workouts specific to their gym using the climbs on their wall specifically for their climbers. This can be a tool to improve your climbing ability, physical fitness, or learn new climbing skills gradually from the setters and gym managers.

That sounds like a great way to engage the community, Marck. How does MyClimb expect these new features to improve the overall user experience?

These updates transform MyClimb from a climb logging journal and a place to share climbing stories into a robust climber’s companion app. Climbers can compete with the climbing community in real time and track their climbing time while they’re on the wall. It also adds a host of fun social features to connect climbers together so they can share their experiences, connect in gym, and engage in friendly competitions to help friends and partners improve their climbing skills.

And how does MyClimb expect these new features to accelerate their business?

For climbers, we expect these new features to keep climbers coming back to MyClimb, using the app more while they’re climbing, and recommending it to other climbers. We’re sure that climbers whose local gym is not already partnered with MyClimb will be approaching them to ask for more customized fun challenge and workouts.

For gyms, having another easy way to bring climbers into the gym, increase engagement, and add services at their climbing gym will make the already powerful gym management platform even more attractive.

How did Stuzo incorporate the user in the design of these new features?

We did significant user validation in-market, with climbers at climbing gyms, for the new features. We talked to climbers and found out what was important to them when designing the user journeys and features components. We ended up doing a major rework of the workouts feature midstream because of explicit user feedback about the experience. We had to make sure the new features were intuitive and easy to use, as climbers will be using it while they’re in the middle of a strenuous climbing workout.

And finally, Marck, how long has this been in the works?

We’ve spent the past several months in agile product design and engineering sprints here at Stuzo. Due to the large and complex nature of these new features, our agile product team included product strategists and analysts, product designers, myself as technical project manager, mobile and full stack engineers, quality assurance, and devops team members. And of course I’d be remiss not to mention the amazing support we received through the entire process from MyClimb’s venerable Founder, Bill Brooks!

Thanks, Marck and congratulations again to everyone at MyClimb and on your product management team at Stuzo!

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